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These are a few examples to give you an idea of how the Client - Realtor Match  can work for you!
A search for YOUR  Realtor is done with care. Each time. Every time.  ~Mary Lascelles

  • Need to sell father's home across the country. The home belonged to the father of adult children. He had
    passed away and none of the family was in the area to handle the sale. It took a special Realtor to be able to handle
    those details for the family. I found a Realtor who was able to tie up loose ends and help the family navigate the
    process. The home was successfully sold in 4 months' time.
  • Condo purchase for college daughter. Parents had a daughter going away to start college. They wanted to invest in
    a condo for her to live and share with roommates. 
    I introduced them to a Realtor who knew that part of the market and
    helped them invest well. Condo was purchased with mortgage largely covered by daughter's roommates' rent! Smart
    investment, to be sure.

  • Property inherited needed to be sold. A gal inherited a unique, large parcel of property with an old
    home on it 3 hours from where she lives. She'd found a listing agent on her own. Nothing happened during the
    12 month listing period. She then asked for my assist to find a competent Realtor in the area. The property was
    listed, marketed well, and sold within 4 months' time for a very acceptable price.
  • New widow needs to sell unique residence. She was not familiar with the real estate process and wanted
    someone she could not only trust but who was competent to sell this unique property. Within 4 months, her home
    sold and she was able to move to the retirement area of her choice.
  • Retirees relocating, but where?. They were looking at 3 areas in another state. I found them an agent in 
    each of the 3 areas to send them properties by email of homes fitting their criteria. When they saw something
    they liked, they were free to go check it out. They are now happily settled on a river property in the center of
    that state.
  • Investing in another state. A retired veterinarian wanted to invest in a rental property in the town where
    he has family in another state. He was watching real estate values rising there. He ended up buying two that
    have been successfully rented ever since.
  • Downsizing. Some BabyBoomers are realizing it's time to downsize. I introduced one such couple who sold
    their large home and then wanted to sell a small condo in another community to purchase a mid-size condo
    in that same town. They accomplished the transition into a mid-size condo after the sale of two homes and
    are now enjoying time to travel more.

  • No clue about real estate. It is not infrequent that people ask for assist in being introduced to a quality agent
    simply because they feel unfamiliar with the real estate process and don't know how to go about selecting the
    right Realtor. I am always happy to assist in this situation (and a multitude of others) because there's nothing worse
    than working with someone who doesn't have your back -- no matter what industry.

    I look forward to hearing from you. I'm a visual person so scenarios help me see the big picture. I hope 
    they've helped you. Perhaps you or someone you know could use help in being matched with the right Realtor
    - wherever needed across the United States - to achieve particular real estate goals. If so, let's talk!

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